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Join the Weil Lab


Researchers Needed: The Weil lab is seeking 1-2 undergraduate researchers to assist in our work on the lifelong consequences of traumatic brain injuries. There are two lines of research in our lab that students can become involved with.

1) Energetic dysfunction in the brain following traumatic brain injury. This project investigates how brain injuries can impair the brain’s ability to process and utilize energy and how this can make the brain more vulnerable to other kinds of injuries, like repeated brain injuries, later on. 

2) Alcohol abuse after traumatic brain injury. Traumatic brain injuries early in life can increase the likelihood of developing alcohol abuse issues later on in life. Our lab is interested in trying to understand how a brain injury can lead to increases in drinking behavior. 


Skills you will gain: All of the work in the Weil lab is conducted in lab mice, students will learn basic neuroscience laboratory skills, animal handling and behavioral testing, processing and analysis of brain tissue and other molecular assays of brain function.


Duration of research project: Ongoing

Qualifications: Laboratory experience (either classwork or previous research experience) is preferred but not required. Ability to work with animals is preferred but not absolutely required.


Lab Location: Erma Byrd biomedical research center, Health Sciences Center Campus


Time commitment: Minimum 6-9 hours per week


Interested in a position? Contact Dr. Zachary Weil at to schedule a meeting.

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